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Cost Consultancy and risk management

We provide a broad range of Program Cost Consultancy services, expert knowledge and experience to assist our clients and colleagues involved in property and construction projects from inception to completion. Our cost managers bring powerful knowledge to any industrial project, with an intelligent focus on reducing risk, improving value and assuring best outcomes on projects to improve your business performance. Our team of dedicated industrial specialists form an integrated part of the design team, attending design workshops and client meetings, monitoring progress and providing value suggestions as concepts evolve into detail designs. We report regularly on cost through the design process, ensuring both client and designer know the financial impact of their decisions at an early stage. Our range of experience and diverse services equip us with the in-house skill and experience to provide input from strategic guidance of master planning studies to the delivery of complex projects. We have long established relationships with many major clients and consultants. These good relationships ensure cooperative working and offer clients increased value and reduced risk.

Environmental management and services

Our experienced environmental management specialist addresses client projects across the full business life cycle, from asset planning, development and operations, to product integration and facility compliance, to site remediation, restoration, sustainability and reuse. Our solutions balance complex technical, regulatory, business and stakeholder issues to produce measurable value and cost-saving approaches for our clients. Our professionals deliver comprehensive solutions to environmental challenges associated with regulatory, business and operational concerns. We address environmental health and safety management, compliance and permitting issues associated with air quality, water, natural resources, habitat protection, site remediation and restoration, and waste. Our professional services also include management plans and systems for the storage, collection and disposal of solid waste for domestic and medical purposes.

Civil and Structural Engineering

Our civil and structural designers integrate their solutions with the buildings and process teams to ensure our designs complement process requirements and architectural aspiration, underpinned by the aim of delivering cost-effective, build-able solutions. Through creative collaboration we develop sustainable, safe, flexible and functional structures that respond to their intended use and immediate environment. Our civil and structural engineers get involved in any facility design from the outset. We will take time up front to understand your process requirements, as well as the challenges faced by the rest of the design team, to then develop a truly holistic solution that acknowledges process and business needs as well as climate, supply chain, programme and cost.

Real Estate Development & Architecture

CL Group act in the capacity of the client’s partner in maximizing the return on investment of their property through the efficient performance of these four functional areas of responsibility. We act in the best interests of the client to maintain their property, keep it occupied, collect rents, budget improvements and maintain records. When designing habitable spaces and buildings, we seek a balance between art and technology, form and function, beauty and purpose, vision and result. The seamless integration of an efficient client process and building footprint is a key performance indicator for a schemes success. Our specialist industrial design teams have delivered many different process designs spanning a range of sectors. We work both with and without specialist process engineers but often find that our inherent spatial awareness and understanding of architectural and engineering potential allows us to question initial process layouts, ultimately leading to efficient designs and client savings.

Construction Services

CL Group construction services team works alongside our industrial design, project management and consultancy experts to provide essential pre-construction inputs as well as manage final proposed design solutions through delivery and handover. By understanding the drivers for a successful operational facility we can efficiently review the impact of local custom and practice, material availability, skill base of local contractors and suppliers and evaluate total delivery timescales. We will also explore phased delivery, should certain business critical activities require this option. Any phasing is discussed robustly with the design team to ensure functional needs are met at intermediate stages as well as completion. We work with the design team to evaluate different structural options and impacts on time and cost in light of local capabilities and challenges; an approach which is particularly relevant when importing materials. At the same time, we work with local authorities and permitting agencies to clearly identify submission requirements and likely approval periods, enabling us to manage design outputs to win the earliest possible issue of construction permits. We liaise with all incoming utilities to ensure that, if they are not available in the required timescales, independent equipment is in place for the delivery phase as well as final operations. Our experts know the importance of ensuring that proposals for permanent buildings and any temporary facilities are delivered safely and to the required quality standards.

Project Management ​

CL Group provides both project management and construction management services that can be introduced at any point, from the beginning of the permitting process, contractor appointment and mobilization, through to the completion of works and the defects liability period. We support clients over the complete life-cycle of their industrial facilities from scope definition and master planning through financial procurement, value engineering and construction programme management, to start-up, operation and maintenance guidance. With an embedded project management culture driving our work, we can quickly assemble the right programme manager and professional support team for any industrial project, whatever the size and complexity. Our clients trust us to manage every aspect of their project, allowing them to focus on their business, with minimum involvement in project delivery functions. Our flexible approach has been applied across a wide range of industries, all project types and project phases across Planning, design, procurement, construction and operations. We tailor our services to meet our client‘s requirements.

Building and wet services

Our technical specialists and wet services engineers cater for a wide range of projects, including retail shopping centres, corporate offices, medical facilities, luxury accommodation, educational facilities, Our building and wet services include the design of soil and waste drainage; hot and cold water supply; pumping systems; water heating systems; grey water systems; water and sewage treatment; effluent treatment and plumbing services.

Electrical Engineering & Renewable Power Solutions

Our team of In-House approved Mechanical & Electrical Engineers and Electricians, skilled roofing acontractors and heating engineers work in accordance with current Health & Safety standards. With the added expertise in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of renewable energy solutions, rest assured of quality service. CL Group Solar installations, heat pumps installation, Energy efficient projects, Heavy Power installations, and various other renewable technologies are customized for each client, ensuring a high return of investment

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