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CL Group is a multi-disciplined consultancy and engineering company operating in the infrastructure and accommodation sector in Sierra Leone. We have a professional team who are fully qualified in real estate, engineering design and build and are committed to completing each project to the highest of standard, using the best industry practices and procedures. We have been internationally recognized for our work on major projects, including the Study, Design and Construction of King Harman Road and Rokupa Government Hospitals, Student Hostels and Community Health Centres, Houses and Offices, Kerry Town and Goderich Ebola Treatment Centres, Roads etc. These projects have helped our company to gain both international and local recognition and we are committed to improving the country’s built, natural and social environments.
CL Group unique approach to projects combines smart Engineering with Construction Management, which means we deliver quality projects on time and within budget. We offer services in a variety of areas including Equipment Hiring and environmental management. Our approach to each project is strategic, based on well-established principles that achieve final results appropriate to each client needs. Our professional staff operates with first class tool kits and has the capacity to deliver in spite of the challenges that working in Africa brings. Engagement with locally based professionals who understand the pitfalls of doing business locally and have the ability to identify and mitigate risk is paramount to a successful project.
Our multidisciplinary teams of engineers, planners, environmental specialists, logistics & procurement, consultants, project managers and program managers are committed to deliver projects that will improve the quality of people.
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